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About the teacher

Foremost a student

Bianca is an Authorized Level II teacher by the Paramaguru R. Sharath Jois. It's the traditional authorization to teach the full Primary and Intermediate sequences. Currently she is learning the Advanced A series in Mysore and has had the opportunity to assist her Guru twice. She took her first Yoga class at the age of 18 when she still lived in Brazil and felt a deep connection to the practice within body and soul. In 2009 she moved to USA to work as a performer for RBBB Circus and few years later the seed that was planted years ago sprouted and she sincerely felt the calling to dedicate herself to the practice of Yoga. She finished her first YTT in Boone,NC. Her first Ashtanga Class was with Guruji Sharath Jois during a USA tour in 2013. She started traveling to Mysore, India in 2015 and since then has been dedicating her life entirely to the practice and studies of Ashtanga Yoga. Over the years, Bianca has taught in many countries.  She is also a mother and truly understand how family duties and practice affects one another. How discipline, commitment, devotion and dedication are the base of the practice and also the non attachments for results. Believing she is an eternal student of yoga, her joy is to share all the benefits this practice can bring to people's lives, both on and off the mat. Bianca is currently teaching an online Mysore program and also traveling the world for workshops and retreats.

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