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Students Feedback

I’ve been following Bianca online for the past 2 years, but only recently I had the opportunity to practice with her in person. I joined her for one her retreats and it was an amazing experience. She helped me improve my practice in so many ways. Then I decided to do the online classes, which have been extremely beneficial to start my day, both physically and mentally.  Bianca is highly proficient in what she does, and has a kind and keen eye on every single student. Thank you Bianca for crossing my path.

-Debora, Ireland


I've heard about Bianca’s teaching a lot of times but I was postponing to join ashtanga classes till the moment I will be “ready”. The moment arrived from totally different reasons than I was expecting. Bianca showed me, by her careful guidance and patience, that I can do much more than I have ever thought. Her experience is “visible” in each and every word. I feel safe and well supervised but also cheered up on the moment when my brain wants to stop me. Thanks to the online classes my space for practise is much closer than whatever shala. That’s allows me to keep discipline! and be on the mat regularly (with my supportive dog)

-Asia, PL


I started my regular Mysore practice with my Teacher Bianca over a year and a half ago. I am practising and I will remain with the online program that she runs with dedication and full commitment. The time of the pandemic opened the possibility of online classes, which are partly the only opportunity for me for regular practice with a teacher who is for me and guides me in a patient and wise way and at the same time motivates me to constantly develop and overcome my fears. My practice has changed thanks to regular online classes with Bianca. In the picture I am at the workshop with Bianca, because whenever I have the opportunity and time, I take part in the workshops she runs. My adventure with backbends began thanks to Bianca, who motivated me and believed that over time my body would open to this asana. Looking back, I can see how much progress I have made. Thank you my  Dear Teacher

-Magda, PL


“I have been practicing Ashtanga in traditional method with Bianca for 6 months now and I am truly grateful for the guidance given by her. I have gotten better in my strength and in certain asanas that I thought I will never be able to do in this lifetime! Bianca has smoothly and expertly guided me in those difficult postures and I have been pleasantly surprised that my body is able to do all that. As a result, I can feel my confidence increasing both on and off the mat. Bianca is a very understanding teacher which is needed especially on difficult days. Thank you Bianca for being so kind and strong as a teacher. I look forward to continuing my practice with you !”

-Shishira Saini, India


Before I've met Bianca my practice was a struggle. I was practicing with few teachers and didn't found what I was searching. After all my injuries it was extremely hard to make any progress and easy to hurt myself even more. I'm practicing with Bianca for 1.5 year now. I see how crazy progress I've made since I met her. Bianca is this kind of teacher that she have her plan for each student. She is very calm and supportive. I'm not afraid anymore starting new asanas, because I know that I'm in good hands. When we transfer to online classes I was a bit worried that quality of practice will be lower. But It occurs to be even better - it's easier for regular practice and my teacher pay so much attention to her students that she always notice mistakes. To sum this up - I'm really happy to practice with Bianca and I'm highly recommended her as a teacher! If you are worried about online classes - just give yourself a try, I'm sure you will love it!

-Karolina, PL


Bianca is a great teacher and can do amazing things with her body. I just started my adventure with yoga and I am sure I will continue it after the workshops with her.

-Natalia, PL


Bianca is a wonderful, passionate and patient teacher with vast knowledge about yoga, anatomy, philosophy. She's also a great person to talk to about anything :) if you're looking for an Ashtanga teacher, Bianca is the best choice you can make.

-Kasia, PL


I've attended Bianca's group class and had a private class with her - both were great. She is a great, patient teacher and a wonderful inspiration. If you want to try yoga you should try with Bianca.

-Agnieszka, PL


Bianca is an amazing teacher and very warm person. Highly recommended! :)

Tomasz, PL


If you want some support on your path and transformation with care and some pinch of sweet smiles with strong guidance, go for it! Thanks Bianca for helping me to close this circle! So special in such a short time... that made me admire you as a teacher, mom and woman...  thanks for carefully listening to my breathing and helping me to be guided to a better place!

-Karina, UK


Bianca has an enormous knowledge which she is able to pass on to her 'students'; accurately explains how to make each posture, corrects if necessary; during individual sessions and group classes I do not feel skipped :) unbelievably warm and cordial person with very soothing voice - I recommend session with Bianca to anyone who is considering trying yoga :)

-Marta W., PL


I attended Bianca's Ashtanga workshop/retreat in Goa, India. I am leaving back home to Miami today. Three weeks before departing for workshop, I fractured my right big toe. I was concerned for the long trip with limited mobility and was unsure on whether to go head with workshop. I am so very glad I came. Bianca supported me every step of the way and even had a class on bandhas so I can now manage softer landings in jump throughs and jump backs. I saw her guide with love and efficiency other students, each at their own expertise level, showing knowledge, dedication, physical dexterity and commitment to being of service.  Venue selection was wonderful, a place of wilderness beauty and tranquility, quite out of the ordinary. A mix of jungle and beaches. Bianca also created a sense of belonging among participants. Now I have yogi friends from all over! I am extremely grateful to Bianca for this unique experience that introduced me to a new world of possibilities and highly recommend her workshops.

Ah, one last item: her adjustments are right on target. Namaste.

-Eduardo, USA


Bianca is great, experienced and warm teacher. I've started to practice with her and I have this luck to continue this amazing journey at Ashtanga Yoga Katowice.

-Maja, PL


I loved Bianca's teaching style. She seemed so relaxed and her voice was very soothing. She sequenced the class in a way that flowed very well and offered modifications when needed. She walked around the room and gave individual attention to each student. I particularly loved the assist where she gave resistance by pulling my arm forward and telling me to plug my shoulder back in. Bianca is a wonderful teacher... Plus something about her accent makes me want to listen to her speak all day long. Very soothing to hear! 

-Larissa, NC - USA

Bianca was a very thoughtful and graceful teacher, who led an excellent class. We had a small group, so it was nice to have a little special attention. Her verbal ques lead me nicely through the asanas, and I felt safe under her instruction. She held some of the positions for a long time, and I was tired, but she made sure to let everyone know to take a break whenever they felt it was too much. I felt comfortable going into the class, and very refreshed leaving, although I had gotten a workout. I would love to take a class from her again!

-Andrew, NC- USA

I attended a yoga class on Thursday, March 28th, 2013 taught by Bianca at St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church. I have been practicing yoga for several years, some on my own, with friends and have taken several classes in various locations. I found Bianca to be very knowledgeable in the practice and I enjoyed her class very much. I think it would be a great class for both beginners and advanced "students." Bianca has a gift for teaching. She was easy to follow, she explained the poses and flows very well, and she assisted individuals in minor adjustments to make their experience more fulfilling and beneficial. I am looking forward to attending another class taught by Bianca.

-Ginger, NC - USA

Bianca had the challenge of reconciling an extremely wide range of yoga skill sets in one class, and my general impression was that both new and more experienced students were able to benefit from her teaching.  She spoke and directed things in a clear way, and gave individual attention, I believe to all of the students. She also displayed a high level of working knowledge of yoga - competently answering some questions from the newer students.

-John, CO - USA

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